Are you tired of being short or not tall enough?

Have you always been plagued by the fact that you are shorter than your friends or your co-workers. Are you tired of missing the opportunities that people taller than you receive? Maybe you’re self-conscious about your height and are afraid to try or do certain thing such as sports, or try for the new position at work. Have you had the same results over, and over in the past, you were turned down or someone taller was chosen over you for something you wanted.

The world is cruel at times and life is difficult enough without the added stresses that a persons’height can bring. People who are not as tall as they would like to be, or who have been called names or who have repeatedly tried to better their own situations often have more difficulties through life than the people who are taller.

Shorter people dream of being models, basketball players as well as other professions just like people who are taller. This is devastating to a person who is short and or not as tall as they would like to be in life if they have been turned down over, and over again in life.

Height can actually affect the way a person lives their life. Height is a major factor in persons self esteem and the way they see themselves or the way they believe other see them. People who are much shorter than many other people may become depressed and insecure because they are not as tall as they would like to be in life.

Too many people in life today suffer from this condition this causes serious emotional damage and many people suffer with these feeling there are many people who are shorter than they would like to be you are not alone if you feel you are too short or you wish you were taller. Severe depression and insecurities set in and surround a person when they are or become rejected repeatedly. The long- term affects can be devastating and extremely hard to overcome.

How is height determined In a person’s life?
Height is hereditary usually a person height is determined by the genes of the parents. If the parents of a person are short then it only makes sense that the parents’ offspring will also be shorter. However, this is not always the case sometimes a person will be taller than his or her parents are.

Other factors such as if a person is born with deformity of some kind this will stunt the growth of a person. Causing the person to stop growing or to grow regularly or grow abnormally. In addition, to these mentioned above another factor is a persons diet if a person does not receive the proper vitamin’s, minerals, and nutrients from the diet this will also affect a persons growth and or ability to grow the body will stop or grow slowly. A Doctor Smith explains all of this information on his website.