The advantages of being taller

Some of the advantages of being taller are clearly, why shorter people wish that they were taller. Taller people can reach things on the top shelves at stores, supermarkets and shops.

The other advantages of being taller are things like taller people receive the better jobs and the better promotions. Taller people receive the best positions in the work places and they seem to be more, favoured by the employers.

Taller people seem to have better social lives taller people are more popular than shorter people are. Taller people seem to attract the more attractive men and women, as mates’ taller people dance more gracefully.

Shorter people are not as graceful while dancing. Shorter people do not usually attract the more attractive men and women as mates or dates. Shorter people do not seem to be the most popular at social events nor have many friends.

Taller people are bold and fearless taller people try new things and speak out much more often. Shorter people seem to be shy and quiet less out spoken and are fearful to try new things.

Taller people seem to have a much better life and much better jobs, social lives, mates nearly everything seems to be perfect in a taller persons life.

Shorter people do not have the better lives, the better jobs, social lives or the more attractive mates. In fact the shorter people seem to have less and even added insecurities because they are shorter. There are many more advantages to being taller than there are being shorter.