Important factors in the growth process

For many people the though of growth does not come to mind on a daily basis, that is unless for some reason you want to grow more or taller. For many the growth process is a natural thing that happens daily and not stressed over. A person is born and then grows during childhood into adult hood and then naturally is as tall is he or she was predetermined by the genes in the family. Most people are generally satisfied with the way their bodies look and how tall or short they are because, this is the way life should be.

However, there are those few people in life that do have difficulties accepting the way they turned out. They wish they were different one of the most common things in this area is how tall a person is and shorter people believe that they should be taller. Therefore, let us look at some of the factors that involve the growth process.

One factor is Calcium if a person does not consume or somehow does not receive the proper amount of calcium as an infant, or as a child, this may have caused the person to be shorter in their adult life. Calcium is important for the strength and development of infants and a child’s bones. In addition, Adults must consume a daily-recommended amount of calcium to insure the bones stay strong and healthy.

Another important factor in the growth process of infants, children and adults is a proper diet consumption of other foods to help the bones, muscles, and spine and brain all develop. This all involves the growth process of the human body. Certain foods cause the growth hormones in the body to produce in glands through the body if these foods are not present then the glands do not produce these hormones and the body will not grow. The body may grow slower or not develop properly this can cause other problem in the future as well.

Many people also do not realize the importance of exercise being a factor in the growth process of the human body and it’s ability to grow taller.

Exercise keeps the body from compressing and constricting from the lack of movement. This is visible in comparison to younger adults and older adults. Young adults who are active and who exercise daily or frequently grow more easily and their bones, spines, muscles and joints do not compress or constrict. Older adults who do not or cannot exercise daily begin to shrink in height because their joints, bones, spines and muscles do compress and constrict rapidly in most cases.

This is why it is important for individuals to remain as active as long in life as possible to prevent the loose of body flexibility and height. Each one of these factors all help the body grow taller during childhood and help the body to remain tall during adulthood and even in the later years in an individuals life.

These are all important factors to keep in mind if you have children, if you are a young adult or if you are beginning to become older you want to watch your calcium, your daily diet, and your daily mobility to keep from loosing inches from the height of your body or the body in the future of your children.