Manage Money Without Depriving

Money Without Depriving

It is a fact that there would always be a system wherein we will not be getting everything we want because of financial limitations. In short, we cannot have everything at the instant we would want it. There would have to be planning or if not, some careful deliberation about whether we would be getting the item we want or not. This is because sooner or later, finances would always fall short of the expenses. That is why we manage our money and budget for the things that we would want to acquire. Nevertheless, when we manage money without depriving, we would want to be able to enjoy a certain degree of satisfaction and fulfillment without compromising our savings.

Deprivation would mean curtailing our freedom to the point of not being able to enjoy some of our hard earned resources. Though it is an irony in itself that we are already limited with finances and yet would not want to be deprived, a balance of enjoyment and requirement is what dictates the existence of deprivation if ever.

Earn More

One of the most common means of people to raise the level of financial freedom is to earn more by working more. However, this is limited with the many social factors which include degree of educational attainment, time, job availability, and more often than not, personal accomplishments.

Some may get lucky to be in the lighter side of personal assessment by the human resource personnel and be accepted for a job despite the incomplete compliance of requirements. There are also some who, despite their educational attainment and personal socio-civic accomplishments, are still not able to land a job they desire due to a personal prerogative of the recruiter to not accept the applicant.

What this presents is a semi-random chance of a person to fully comply with all the factors which constitute landing of another job than the current one.

Save More

A classic means of how to manage money without depriving is to focus on saving the excess money that flows in the household after deducting all the other monthly expenses and bills. Saving money definitely means having money when the need for an important expense is required.

Saving more would merit to having more extra cash, but also poses a paradox in itself in a way that when you save money, you are already keeping that for something projected as an event that could happen. In this manner, there would be a difficulty in using that fund intended for an important thing to be spent on something that would just be for leisure and satisfaction.

Learn To Be Content

The degree of limitation and deprivation on a persons financial resources is dictated by the personal level of satisfaction. A persons idea of contentment is the same as his perception on what he needs and wants. A person who is want oriented will always be seeking for things that may already be unattainable at the current financial level, and would feel deprived of such. On the other hand, a person who is need oriented would be able to do away with leisure and may also feel deprived deep inside of finer things that may have been acquired.

The key to manage money without depriving is to learn to already accept what is possible to be attained and work from there. If there is a rather unattainable thing to spend money on, then that is the time the person should plan and think about the means to reach that and make that attainable.