The 11 Symptoms Of Depression

Surely you’ve heard at least once somebody told an acquaintance that he suffers from depression. With the internet people are more informed and tend to put their own diagnosis of depression.

However, there is a difference between sadness and depression. Mourning the loss of a job, divorce or chronic diseases can lead to behaviors that can be confused with depression.

One of three people suffer from some form of depression and only some of them are treated. It has also been said the most common signs of depression are: loss of form, feeling the blues, morale, and being sad all the time. The main symptoms of bipolar disorder are represented by unpredictable and mood swings.

The difference between sadness and depression is that the first is an emotion, and the second is a disease. Clinical depression has two main components: intensity (strong symptoms interfere with daily life) and duration (symptoms are present most of the time, and the last half lasts more than two weeks continuously).

I present below 11 symptoms that may indicate that a person is not experiencing normal emotions of sadness and fleeting, but with clinical depression. It is important to know that symptoms vary from individual to individual and should not be present all the 11 symptoms at the same time.

Severity is also variable: can be mild or major depression. If found that the presence of these symptoms I recommend you seek psychotherapeutic help. Depending on the severity of depression I would recommend a psychotherapeutic intervention or a combination of psychotherapy and medication.

The 11 symptoms are:

1. Sadness, anxiety, and feeling emotionally empty persisting;

2. Feelings as hopelessness, worthlessness or helplessness;

3. Agitation and restlessness cup;

4. Frequent episodes of crying;

5. Fatigue and lack of energy;

6. Loss of interest in activities that previously created to pleasure;

7. Difficulty concentrating, remembering details and making of their decisions;

8. Sleep disorders – sleep excess / insufficient sleep;

9. Lack of appetite / eating excessively;

10. Thoughts of death or suicide;

11. Persistent pain, headache, muscle cramps or digestive problems that do not go after treatment.

Depression is a serious condition that requires support from loved ones. I know many think it’s just lack of will, but in reality is much more complex and difficult. Those who suffer from depression need to be encouraged, understood, listened to and not criticized, minimized or pointing fingers. This disease has grown very large because we live in a society that focuses on competition and the desire to be perfect.