How To Manage SAD Or Winter Depression With Simple Lifestyle Changes and Self Help

Are you are one of those many people who just want to curl up in a duvet as soon as winter hits?

As the days get shorter if you find yourself feeling moody and tired you might be suffering from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. There are some things you should be doing to help combat these depressed feelings so that you can manage better even though it’s dark and cold outside. You will be pleased to know that self help is actually very important in keeping yourself well. You can make some simple lifestyle changes that will help you to lift your mood naturally.

Are you suffering from stress or do you worry too much?

Try to find ways to reduce any stress and anxiety in your life. If there are things happening in your life you can’t control or perhaps a situation that you can’t change then you need to strengthen the way that you cope with that stress. You could try relaxation which could mean taking some time out to have a warm bath or perhaps listening to a relaxation or self hypnosis CD. Even if you can only manage to sit down with your eyes closed for 10 minuites. Taking simple measures like this and making some positive changes in your routine can help you to cope better with the stress in your life.

Do you get enough exercise?

Making more time for exercise is healthy, not just in the gym but walking in daylight outside just for 30 minutes, can help to boost your vitamin D and also your mood to stop you from feeling down. You might not always feel like it at first but afterwards you will hopefully notice a more positive feeling. A mindful walk in the park can be enough to change your outlook whilst also giving you a change of environment.

How about trying a daylight SAD lightbox?

There are many types of daylight boxes or lamps that people find helpful. They are thought to help lift the depressive effects of winter and dark nights. You can put these in a place you use the most such as on the table, by the computer or next to your bed. You could even use it whilst reading so that you are relaxing at the same time. If you have to be up early in the morning you could try using a sunrise alarm clock that imitates a natural sunrise by gradually getting lighter and helping you to wake up slowly.

Hypnotherapy can also be helpful for reducing SAD symptoms.