Diet and Exercise for Chronic Back Pain

Do you have a problem with your weight? If you do, more than likely you’ll have a problem with your back. These two things tend to go hand in hand and this is for a very simple reason. The body was not designed to carry around additional weight in the form of body fat. If we are putting it under a strain by carrying an additional 20, 30 or more pounds around on a regular basis we are also putting our spine, which supports the body, under strain. Our body may also compensate in other ways, such as our hips moving forward or tilting. This can also pinch the sciatic nerve which is extremely painful.

In order for us to overcome the back pain that we experience for this reason it is necessary for us to diet and exercise. Although you have probably been hearing this for the better part of your life, it really is the only way for you to accomplish it. Let’s take a look at diet and exercise and see how we can use them to overcome the problem.

First of all, let’s tackle the issue of dieting. There are hundreds of different ways that we can diet and many of them are effective on a temporary basis. Unfortunately, the diet industry is not interested in having you lose weight because then they would lose you as a customer. In order for you to lose weight effectively you are simply going to need to eat a healthy diet and to cut your calories so that you are at a slight calorie deficit. Don’t plan on losing 20 pounds every week, that is a temporary and dangerous fix. You should be losing about 2 pounds every week in order for it to work well.

As far as exercise is concerned, this is going to depend on your current health condition. If your back is not hurting at the moment, you should begin by doing some light weight lifting and building your way up to lifting some heavier weights. Putting some muscle mass on your legs and the core of your body is going to help you to burn calories. It will also have the added benefit of supporting your back and spine, making it easier for you to move around and preventing many of the injuries that you might be experiencing.